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True Love from South Africa

Soweto nightlife

Soweto nightlife

Dear, WMC Family.

As this is my first blog on this awesome platform, I would like to go back to the time when I was first introduced to the House Music fraternity.

Back in the early ’90’s, it was at my entry level of teenage years when I first fell in love with what my elders referred to as “International Disco” because they didn’t know the name “House Music” then. I was introduced to the likes of Chaka Khan, Simply Red, Black Box, Adeva, Frankie Knuckles, etc. As my love grew for House Music at a later stage — around the mid ’90’s — I was introduced to the sounds of Kenny Dope, Paul Johnson, Ministries of Sound, Little Louie Vega, Soldier of Twilight, Kaskade, Abstract Truth and so on and so forth.

Then my interests grew even bigger because in South Africa there was an era of street bashes and DJ competitions. I couldn’t DJ then because I had no clue how to. The House Industry grew and the club scene became an “in thing”. As more international DJs started frequenting South African shores, I was hooked even deeper. I enjoyed dancing to live mixes by the likes of Little Louie Vega, Andy Compton, Kenny Dope, Paul Johnson accompanied by our very own DJ Fresh, Glen Lewis, DJ Christos, Oskido and Vinny Da Vinci, who have visited the Winter Music Conference.

I must say that the South African House Music Industry has, and still is, growing from strength to strength by the minute. Our DJs used to import and play only internationally produced vinyls and tapes, but now they have taken the fraternity by storm in production. We are still importing and playing a lot of internationally produced tracks and albums and we follow and set trends. I am proud of where my country is coming from and going to. The excitement and the reception of good quality House Music is amazing! May we continue to bless the masses with good quality sounds and adapt to vast constant changes that come with this genre.

Stay blessed and focused

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