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EDM lovers are ready to get crazy at Electric Daisy Carnival NYC this weekend!

Forget taking a long pilgrimage, my apostles! An Electronic Dance Music lover’s mecca is coming directly to the New York City area. The world-renowned Electric Daisy Carnival will be at MetLife stadium May 19th-21st, 2012. What started as a west coast ritual in 1997, EDC is now making its way to the east coast with the first NYC area show ever. Originally planned as a 2-day festival, overwhelming demand triggered festival owners to add a third day to the show.

Girls: grab your naughtiest skirt and sky-high stilettos. Men: grab your strongest energy drink. And both sexes be prepared for a religious experience! Better yet, for this electric Woodstock, girls just bring glitter and a bikini. Yes, this party is that crah-zay! Boys, keep those eyes open; the word bikini should be music to your ears, as the women are beautiful at EDC. Fans let yourself go all the way. This is festival is proof that the EDM drug is marvelously addictive. The three days at EDC NYC can be a cure-all pain killer for any student who just fought through exams or a young professional who has been shackled to his desk staring at the spring sun only through a window.

A not-so-far cry from 1969, Janis and Jimmy are looking down in glory at this music festival. People sing, dance, jam, eat, drink, and are certainly merry. In addition, the hundreds of costumes and ultra-premium production values are that to rival any Las Vegas or NYC Broadway show.

Fans “religious fervor” can be heard all over the media and Facebook about this upcoming weekend. And how can they hold their praise in? The EDC’s three-day festival in Las Vegas attracts 230,000 pilgrims every year. NYC’s three-day festival this weekend is bound to be packed with current fans and new EDM lovers. Social media photos already provide a titillating glimpse into this massive production. Pre-prep photos inside the MetLife stadium show how the venue is on the verge of turning into Cirque du Soleil Vegas night show on crack.

This festival is not just DJs spinning, but a whole experience. EDC combined with NYC will sure to be a divine partnership. Make that short pilgrimage to MetLife stadium this weekend just as our forefathers did to their own “Woodstock Mecca” in 1969.

Have I got my ticket yet? Ohhhhhhh yes, I got my ticket right here baby!

Susan Schneider-Goodstein
Independent Blogger

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