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My second WMC experience

Hello fellow WMCers. In this article, I will recount my second WMC experience which was in 2011. I hope that the readers find my blog useful and entertaining fodder for understanding and planning for the conference. Please leave your feedback!

Living in the Midwest, I can easily tell you that as soon as it starts to get chilly around here, I start thinking about an escape. I know winter is right behind fall and I start thinking about how I can get to my beloved Miami. I love the city! Obviously I don’t know what it is like to live there, but I know I enjoy going there.

When I rent a bike and ride across the waterways, I am exhilarated by the yacht views, sunsets, palm trees, and intense activity that can be felt going across these bridges. My second trip to WMC was just like that; I got to experience Miami in new and exciting ways. I happen to be very open to spontaneous adventure and getting out of my comfort zone. Of course, speaking Spanish is a nice perk and having a good sense of direction and knowing where the hell I am going helps as well.

Coral Gables … Calle Ocho … so many things to name and I haven’t even seen everything there is to see. Each year I learn more and venture further into the entire experience. On my last WMC, I ventured into boutique parties for the first time.

Ok wow… Outside of being in house music heaven, hot women, Latin flavor and culture, craziness, and anonymous serenity, South Beach during WMC is just a smorgasbord of options. So many DJs in so many venues — you really can’t believe it until you witness it. Walking through the front of these hotels, like Delano for example, through the elegant and sexy entrances back to sprawling pools with the most incredible vibes, to a thumpin’ DJ, and dancing bodies is something worth the experience alone.

You literally have to try to find a place in South Beach that isn’t being fondled by WMC in some wonderful way. They come out with pamphlets that capture most of the events at WMC and it’s an entire booklet broken down by date, time, party, list of DJs, etc. — all of them with a unique theme. Huge parties in the back of oceanfront hotels and small parties bumping out of more intimate boutiques. High profile DJs like Carl Cox to local, lesser known masters of the turntables, like me, are all over the place.

It is easy to see that people come to WMC for different reasons and many ignore the seminars, but I’ve enjoyed them. Anyone who is in the business or just starting out will get a good hard look (not all glitter and gold) at the industry from relevant industry insiders. Gadget gurus showcase their new equipment and hopeful DJs and artists participate in question and answer sessions with panelists. I wish some of the seminars didn’t overlap though. I have found myself having to choose between one and another on a few occasions.

The venues change as well. I think WMC should keep the seminars at an ocean side hotel like they have in the past. The last WMC was held at the Miami Beach Convention Center, but the vibe at Eden Roc the year before was better. You could take a break from the conference and be immediately immersed in DJs, pools, scenery, and elegance spilling right out onto the beach walkway…

Of course, there are moments where you wish all the heads would just disappear and leave you to your thoughts. But that is the allure of South Beach. It’s a complex experience that just gets summed up with the joy of music, being on vacation, doing what you want, seeing those who do, and spontaneous combustion. Great food, great experiences … I’m getting excited just writing about it!

Danny Torres
Independent Blogger

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